Features of storage tents EURO EXTREME

Features of storage tents EURO EXTREME
• Vertical side wall construction allows you to place racks and pallets near the wall. Eave height is 3.5m.
• Double reinforced frame leads to high durability and sustainability.
• Large gates (height 4.5m, width 4.6m) are suitable for large agricultural machinery and trucks.
• The gate is raised with the help of a mechanical winch.
• A wide range of applications perfect for storing cattle, materials, installing agricultural machinery workshops.
• Thanks to its strong construction, it withstands a heavy load of wind and snow.
• It is only possible to build on a firm and flat base.
• Installation takes 4-6 working days, machinery is necessary to assemble this hangar.
• It is possible to order with a sectional gate.

Warehouse tents EURO EXTREME models

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Model Length, m Width, m Height, m Spacing between arches, m Gate size W*xH, m Area, m2 Tent PVC, g/m2 Technical drawings Price without VAT
EURO EXTREME 225 18.3 12.2 7.0 2.0 4.6* x 4.3 224 750 €12900
EURO EXTREME 315 26 12.2 7.0 2.0 4.6* x 4.3 315 750 €16700
* Width of gate can be changed
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