Storage tents - warehouses

As businesses grow a lot of them encounter storage issues, new construction of a building or its lease is considered and unavoidable for development. Building a warehouse or a new storage facility takes a lot of time and resources, however, the perfect alternative is a tent warehouse. Warehouse tents for storage are a quick and easy way to solve storage problems. Its a great solution for storing agricultural machinery, grain, fodder, hay bales, or even temporary accommodation for livestock.

Storage tents are widely used in agriculture because they are highly functional. Mobile storage tents can be easily transported from one place to another, no additional equipment is required. It is also convenient that the tent warehouses do not require special local conditions, most important is the land on which the warehouse tents are assembled. It must be strong and stable. The biggest advantage is that warehouse tent for storage can be assembled quickly in farm fields, livestock farms and where it will be convenient to store all your business needs.

Prefabricated storage tents can be ready for use in just a few days. Once the warehouse tent is delivered, a team of specialists can assemble it within 1-2 days, depending on the base on which the tent is assembled. If the storage tent is assembled on concrete ground, it should be considered that the assembly will take longer, as it will be necessary to prepare holes in the concrete for the tent posts. In addition, a person can assemble such a storage tent independently. If the height of the prefabricated warehouse tent does not exceed 4.5 meters, then no additional machinery is required, all you need is a wrench, electric or simple hammer and ladder. If the storage tent is higher than 4.5 meters, a telescopic loader or hoist will be required, as the construction of the frame of this height will be heavier. Additional measures will be necessary.