FEATURES of Storage tents
Dimensions of storage tents
Our tents have a wide selection of dimensions, so everyone will find what they need.
• Width: 5.5 m, 7 m, 9 m, 12 m, 15 m wide. A double frame construction is used if width is 12 m or more.
• Length: 10 m, 12 m, 18 m, 26 m, 30 m. Each warehouse tent can be further extended.
• Height: 4.5 m, 4.8 m, 5.3 m, 5.8 m, 7 m.
If you are an owner of a small farm and thinking about expanding in the near future – choose the smaller one you need now, and in the future you will always be able to lengthen it. Cover of shelter are put on top of each other, there are no gaps, no cracks and parts merge beautifully. For several years now, our customers have contacted us, asking us to lengthen the purchased storage tent.
Before buying, we advise you to assess what height will be needed and choose the appropriate one. Sometimes customers want higher storage shelters than they need, but it's worth remembering knowing that the higher the warehouse tent is, the more care it will need. For more information contact our team for consultation.

What are the basic constructions?
All metal elements are made of black galvanized metal, which is characterized by firmness. The main construction is pipes. Depending on the dimensions and size of the storage tent, different pipe parameters and different wall thicknesses are selected. The thickness of the pipe wall of the main construction is from 1.8 mm, its diameter is 6 cm. Warehouse tents larger than 12 m wide are subject to a double-frame design. At the base is attached a meter-long building fixture, there are 3 pieces of fixture attached to each leg.

Features of the cover
We can offer storage tents with two types of cover.
1. First type : 750 g PVC cover. Our main, recommended storage shelters are with a 750 gram cover made of polyvinyl chloride. Otherwise known as PVC. They are reinforced and completely merged, so they do not have any gaps. These tents are not afraid of either cold, humidity, nor the difference in high temperatures, they are watertight. On a slippery surface, snow easily slides in winter if the tent is tightened. A storage tent with this cover could serve up to 25 years, depending on its care.

2. Type 2: 320 g cover. We still order them for those who want to, and they are quite popular on the market, but we do not recommend it. Such cover resembles a large bag material, it is braided, therefore it has micro gaps. In winter, when the tent moistens and then freezes, its gaps expand, later becoming permeable to rain. The durability of 320 grams cover is up to 5 years.

Adaptability to different weather conditions
When there is rain, strong wind or frost, or when sun is shining brightly, you will enjoy your storage tent, because it is perfectly suited to stand strong against different weather conditions. The cover is permeable to light. Due to the ventilation boxes in the front and rear of storage tents there is no damper, and moisture does not accumulate in it.

Snow and cold
Our storage tents are cold type. At temperatures below 15 degrees, the material hardens, so after winter we advise you to inspect the cover if it is not relaxed. If it is, it must be tightened. The tent of a well-tightened warehouse tent is slippery, so snow doesn’t accumulate and in winter you will not have any additional care to clean it, and in summer there will be no accumulation of water.

Our warehouse tents does not let the rain through cover because of it’s reinforced material. Throughout the length of the storage shelter, at the bottom there are curtains, which need to be buried under the ground, so that the water does not get through the bottom.

Even the strongest wind will not affect the storage tent if it is built on the right base. If the anchor can be pinned with the foot, then the base is inappropriate. Warehouse tents assembled on such base will not be resistant to stronger winds. For the base of the storage shelter it is necessary that the ground it is built on is strong and stable. Gravel, clay, concrete are highly recommended so the storage tent can withstand strong windy climates.

We advise to keep the storage shelter at a similar temperature as outdoors in order not to accumulate moisture. Storage tents have cavities about 10 cm wide at the front and back, which are designed for its ventilation. They are covered with curtains to prevent precipitation. Although in a recent experiment, the interior of the warehouse tent was warmed by heaters to a temperature of 15 degrees, and the outside temperature at that time was minus 15 degrees. At the same time, ventilation cavities were left open. However, no steam was generated, there was no condensate, and inside the storage tent people were able to work, while outside the temperatures were low.
For what purposes are the storage tents used?
More than 1000 companies and private individuals use our warehouse tents for a wide range of application: storage, keeping animals and birds, shelters, vegetable cultivation. It is a product of simple construction, which can be disassembled if necessary, making it perfect for both continuous storage and seasonal use. We successfully assembled storage tents across Europe, in cities, forests and fields. The most popular uses of warehouse tents are:

Storage of various equipment
Agricultural machinery stored in warehouse tents will wear less and be less likely affected by rust, because it will be protected from different weather conditions.

Companies buy our warehouse tents for storage of different materials, wood, production, animals etc.

For farming: keeping livestock, birds, agricultural products
Our tents are loved by farmers across Europe. They are perfectly adapted to keep cattle and protect them from the sun and wind. Farmers have successfully grown pheasants, chickens, sheep, often use them for the storage of agricultural production, hay, straw, and other products.

Cultivation of agricultural production
From the assortment of storage tents we can offer greenhouse frames. They are made of the same material as other tent frames, which is galvanized steel with a pipe wall thickness of 1,8 mm and a diameter of 6 cm. Also, a number of farmers have bought our storage shelters and use them as greenhouses, placing a film instead of a PVC cover.

For events and exhibitions
Storage tents of less than 340 square meters do not need foundations or concrete bases and can be installed practically almost everywhere, except on sand or turf. Therefore, it can be a temporary shelter during events, exhibitions, protection from weather conditions or used for dedicated storage of goods, materials, equipment.

Market or exhibition pavilions
A number of different establishments have purchased our storage shelters and used them as market or exhibition pavilions.

As a shelter from bad weather
Our storage tents are used by various companies, including organizers of children's camps. They install storage tent bunk beds and skillfully adjust for a night's stay in the fresh air, and in the day time they are protected from the sun or rain.

During sports competitions
Warehouse tents are a great alternative for smaller events, weddings or sport competitions. Easy to build, mobile and good value for any event.

Temporary catering room
Great alternative for a catering event. With good ventilation, and sustainability people will be able to enjoy themselves inside without getting hot or be affected by unpredictable weather conditions.