Container tent shelters

Features of container shelters

Container shelters are specially designed for installation between two containers. They are best suited for storage and protection of materials, construction machinery or vehicles from bad weather. This economical and durable storage solution can be used as a workplace. It is possible to add additional front and back panels, to make a completely enclosed shelter. The installation of these container shelters is simple and fast. There is always the possibility to dismantle them and move them elsewhere. Today we can offer two types: single frame or double frame constructions, for best option please get in touch for consultation.

Container tent shelters are suitable for standard 2.6 m high containers.

Container tent shelters models

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Model Length, m Width, m Height, m Spacing between arches, m Gate size WxH, m Area, m2 Tent PVC, g/m2 Frame tube Price
ST36-62 6.06 6.1 1.8** 2 - 36 650 Round 60 mm €1700*
ST36-62D 6.06 6.1 1.8** 2 - 36 650 Double round 60 mm €2600*
Rear wall - 6.1 4.4 - - - 650 Round 60 mm €500
Front wall - 6.1 4.4 - 2.6x3.1 - 650 Round 60 mm €550
* Price indicated without front and back walls
** Height above container